Parcours ME

Nokere Koerse will be 188.1 kilometres long in 2024. The start remains at the Markt in cycling city Deinze and the finish is of course on top of Nokereberg.

Nevertheless, there are some novelties. First, there is a 94.2 km run-up that takes the riders along Nazareth, Gavere, Oosterzele, Zwalm, Oudenaarde, Horebeke, Maarkedal, Anzegem and Wortegem-Petegem towards Nokere. After 25 kilometres, the famous Lange Munte is the first cobbled stretch of the day, 15 kilometres later the Kattenberg, Holleweg and Jagerij are the next obstacles. This is followed by a loop around the Roman Brewery with an ascent of the Varent hill. From Oudenaarde we head to Anzegem with the cobblestones of the Varent, the hill Hellestraat and Holstraat and in Wortegem-Petegem the lesser-known Petegemberg (500m at 7.6%), with a beautiful view over the Flemish Ardennes at the top.

Needless to say, these obstacles will only serve as a warm-up. After the riders first ascent of Nokereberg (350m at 5.7%, maximum 7%), 3 more local laps of 31.3 km will follow.

The local lap is spiced up with numerous cobbled sections: the Herlegemstraat, the Lange Aststraat, the Kloosterstraat, the reconstructed Doorn, Lededorp and the Huisepontweg. That is where the differences have to be made. Very important, on leaving Wannegem-Dorp follow the last 3 km!