Danilith Nokere Koerse under the sign of safety

Danilith Nokere Koerse edition 2022 will be all about safety.

Chairman Robrecht Bothuyne: "We want to be a trendsetter. Falls in the race are inevitable. But this year we focus more than ever on safety, not only to avoid falls, but also to limit the consequences.

Race directors Rony De Sloovere and Gil Steyvers: 'It starts preventively: when drawing up the course we don't look for the most extreme circumstances. We also consult with the police and the road authorities, both from the cities and towns and the Flemish region, in order to achieve a safe course. Moreover, we are limiting the peloton. Both the men and the women will ride with only 20 teams. A more compact peloton is a safer peloton. And moreover, this often guarantees a spectacular race.'

Also, this year an extensive risk analysis was made of the course. The 'Event Safety Manager', Peter Martens, examined every meter of the 189 kilometer course for possible risks. There is no pothole, pole or center ledge that has not been mapped out. In each case it is indicated what has to be done to limit the risk: tackle the road surface, padding, signaling, extra signaling, ... Martens: "On that basis a manual was also made for the team leaders. For the men's race it's a 135-page document, with photos and points of attention for the riders. The riders can thus be warned of danger both beforehand and during the race.'

To secure the course they are working with Boplan: the company from Wevelgem provides cushions and protective totems that are placed at or near dangerous points to protect the riders. But the organization also provides additional signaling and security around lighting poles in the last kilometer for example. Also, towards the finish line on Nokereberg only nadars without protruding legs will be used.

Also new is the collaboration with the Norwegian company 'SafeCycling'. This company provides us with adapted signposting and markings, equipped with LED screens. Obstacles and dangerous crossroads are much better indicated in advance for the approaching peloton. Here too Danilith Nokere Koerse wants to be a forerunner.

During the race, the situation on and around the course will be continuously monitored by a security team including police, fire department, organization, etc. This way, action can be taken where and when necessary. This way, action can be taken where and when necessary. After the race there is a debriefing and any points for improvement for the next edition are already listed.

The police services are an important partner. traffic safety and maintaining public order are our main priorities. "After a long period of strict COVID measures, I hope everyone uses their common sense so that Nokere Koerse is a party for everyone. The police will ensure that the traffic measures are respected, but also focus on prevention, because prevention is better than THE cure. For this cycling race, 51 police officers will be on site" says the chief of police Joost Duhamel. "In order to ensure that this cycling day in our municipality goes smoothly and safely, we are taking a number of traffic measures for local and transit traffic. In a number of streets, for example, parking and traffic will be prohibited and in several streets you can only drive in one direction," notes Mayor Joop Verzele.

At the crucial points, police officers and signalmen will guide the traffic. These measures will also have an impact on bus transport. The center of Kruishoutem will be made traffic-free. A circulation plan has been drawn up for this purpose. Traffic that does not need to be in the center must follow this detour. There are shuttle buses from the youth center in Waregem and from the Nieuw Plein in Kruishoutem to the arrival zone in Nokere. There are also bicycle parking facilities. The organization urges you to come to Nokere by bike as much as possible!

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